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Saturday, June 8, 2013


So this is the story of our ER trip. Mainly for me to remember it. But it's a pretty good story. Felt like we should be on the show House. So anyways. Here it is.

Tuesday morning at 6 am Jax wakes up with a high pitch scream. He usually wakes up at 6 am so this is nothing new, but the "I'm in pain" screaming was new. So I panicked and ran in there falling over our dog Kenai in the process. I was thinking he had probably been stung by a scorpion or something because our house is surrounded by them. So I took him and tried to soothe him and lay him down in the bed with me and feed him and he wasn't going for it. Just screams. Screams, then vomit. That freaked me out because it wasn't your typical baby spit up it was projectile vomit. I'm such a paranoid mom. So, I freaked and called my mom to come help me out. Yes, happiest baby you've seen. Seriously? So I figured it was just a fluke thing. Well right after she left, and for the rest he was back on it again. Of course! So for the rest of the day I continually tried to calm him and soothe him and nothing. Pain. Vomit. Agony.

After a night of zero sleep, I decided it was time to take him in. He hadn't had a full bottle or anything in such a long time. By this time I was certain he had the stomach bug. He would randomly fall asleep in the middle of changings. Definitely not like him. When I took him in, Dr. Auxier recommended Pedialyte. 1 tsp every MINUTE for TWO hours. Seriously. I got through about 40 minutes before his screams were unbearable and he'd had enough. So my mom took him and let me get a nap. That evening he was on a spree of no vomiting, so I assumed the dr's suggestion was working. When we got home, vomit. When we went to bed, vomit. Now we are going on 2 days of nothing in his belly. No bms. Nothing. So again, we took him into see the doc. 

When I told him his progress, he immediately said, it's time to go to the ER, and went on to describe what he thought it might be. {malrotational intestines} I just sat and pretended to understand what he was talking about. Basically, when you're a baby inside the womb, your intestines develop outside of the place where they need to end up and through pregnancy and after birth your intestines continue to get sucked into the place they are going to remain. Instead of going counter clockwise 180 degrees like they should, they go backwards 90 degrees and cause a blockage. Affects about 1 in 500 and is cured by surgery. Panic. Pure panic. When I left the dr, I called my mom crying and asked her to go with me to Phoenix Childrens Hospital ER. And Brandon left class and met us there.

When we got there, the ER was empty and a ton of staff nurses just swarmed us thinking he was dying. It was a comfort for sure! We got all checked in and went immediately into a room. I've never been to an ER before but my impression was always, even if you're dying, you have to wait. After sitting in the room, we had a bunch of nurses and residency drs asking all routine questions again and again. We got him some nausea medicine, and then he got all hooked up to the IV. It was interesting. They turned off all the lights and used a light under his hand to see the vain. To give you an idea of how dehydrated he was, the vain was so flat that they had to call in the greatest of the great to do it and it took her about 20 minutes and 3 stabs later to do it, not to mention we ruined her perfect record. 

After about an hour with the IV, they took us to get his chest X-rays. We mentioned that he had started to vomit up blood, and they wanted to make sure everything was okay as far as that. Well the little RN dude took his IV bad and laid it on the table and then took off to examine the picture. Then this alarm started going off saying air bubble alert. Hello! I grew up watching shows that people end up dying because they get air injected into their veins! FREAKING out right about now. So I went back there where I don't think I was allowed to go, and he sends out a radiation nurse to come help us. Her words? "Well we don't use these things, so lets see if I can figure this one out. Oh! It worked, first try!!" Then she continued to repeatedly push buttons till she got it all turned on again. MMm ya, comforting. FREAKING OUT. We booked it back and I made sure our nurse re checked everything. Ugh. 

So by this time, the dr came in and told us that accidently, the x-ray got a lower shot then they expected it to, but luckily they did, because they noticed the top of one of his intestines was inflamed. Seriously. Prayers answered. So lucky that they caught it because up to that point they weren't planning on doing any belly xrays. So they sent us back to get more xrays. This is when they came to the thought that it might by malrotational intestines, automatic surgery. Yes, FrEaKiNg OuT!!! It took 4 hours for them to get to that conclusion, which took my pediatrician all of 2 minutes to decide, after I told him he hadn't had a BM in 3 days. 

So from there, it was time to see if it actually for sure was that diagnosis. They sent us back to the xray room where we would do an upper GI {putting water soluble and koolaid down his throat and following it on the xray machine to make sure it would go where it was supposed to} and an enemy, {Shooting water up his bum to see if that went where it was supposed to} Apparently, neither one gave them the results they were hoping for or wanting, because then they sent us across the hall to do an ultrasound and a CT. CT was canceled because he had too much dye inside him that would ruin the results and nothing would show up.

It's a boy! Nope, it's intesiception. :( Baby ultrasound.

When we got back to our waiting room, they gave him another hour of IV fluids and he threw up all the Koolaid mixture that he had. Still no BM. After about an hour the doctor comes in and says, "intesiception" {basically the small intestine collapses into the large intestine kind of like an old sailors telescope does, affects about 1-4 out of 1000 babies and is rare after 2 years old. Cause is unknown} Cure is doing an air enemy- sending air up the bum so when it his that block, it pops it back out. 75% success rate, but if it fails, or pops back in later, then it's surgery. Anyways, long story short, it worked and he immediately stopped crying and fell asleep as they were finishing up the procedure. 
Our doctor (in the black)

When we took him back to the room, he ate 9 oz of pedialyte/milk in about 10 seconds, and just slept the whole rest of the time. Dad Luke and Linds came to visit, and my amazing mom, who I would have been a mess without, stayed the entire time with me. So blessed to have my prayers answered and have such an amazing family. This little boy went through way more than a kid his age should go through but, he did it and was such a trooper. My little hero. He backs to giggles and smiles now. Not to mention, sleeping 12 hours through the night. Love this kid! Thanks for reading! Oh, also, PCH is amazing, I've never been more impressed with staff, nurses and doctors. Our doctor was so determined to find out what was happening. He went back and for to the main building with us every time and even assisted the radiology doctor and nurses each time. I've never seen a doctor do that. Come to think of it, I've never seen a doctor hang around for more than 15 minutes! My OB was there for 13 minutes!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jaxson David Potter- the birth story

So you have all seen my billions of pictures of Jaxson everywhere but here I am going to talk about my experience. Mostly for me to remember details, but I thought it was a good story too!

So after begging my ob to let me get induced he finally agreed to it, even though he didn't think I was progressing enough or far enough along to be induced, but he still thought it'd be smarter than letting me go more than a week over. Date was set for Saturday at 3. They called me at 2 and had me come in early. We got there at 2:30 and went to get all signed in. After about an hour, we finally got to our room and I got into my gown and hung out answering all sorts of questions.

Finally about 4 ish she started telling me how everything was going to happen. She said I was 1 cm and about 40% effaced. Basically no where. She said she would have to give me 3 pills, 4 hours apart. So 12 hours just to get to 100% effaced. THEN, I'd have to get induced with pictocin, which does all the dilating. So about another 12-15 hours. So baby would be there by Sunday night, if we're lucky. After getting stabbed once in the wrist, the iv got put in my right hand. So painful. They just put the port in to keep it open. Again, worst part of giving birth-the iv.

Well after 3 hours on the first pill, I started having contractions. Mind you I didn't want to sound like a whimp complaining over dumb cramps, so every time the nurse came in I would say ya my pain is at about a 6/10 from all these "cramps". She kept saying oh good good that's what is supposed to happen. Well when she came in a checked me, I was 100% effaced and she went to put the other pill in and had to go back in and take it out. She said "oh man your pain is for real! These are real contractions!" So as bad and as painful as contractions can get, I was feeling them all. Ya I was crying. My mother in law had come in that day after a 7 hour drive, so I'm trying to talk and be excited and crying at the same time. I always wondered if I could handle a natural birth. I think i COULD do it. I just never would. Right after the nurse checked me, she sent in the epidural guys. Best site ever. These guys were like 25. Or looked like it. Seriously my sisters might've gone to high school with them. But I'm not paralyzed so they were fantastic!

During the epidural I had 4 contractions. Full fledged contractions. Try being in that much pain and having to sit ridiculously still. It's tough. The nurse said she hadn't ever seen someone have that many during an epidural. Probably just making me feel good about myself haha. So, right after I got my epidural, I went to swing my legs back onto the bed, and my water broke! So crazy. The whole reason I wanted to get induced was because my mom and sister have had to be induced for all 10 kids and their water broken for them. So, another thing that was crazy for that day and defied everything I had been told to expect.  Oh my gosh the epidural seriously was amazing. Slowly the contraction pain just started to fade. I got to experience the magic of giving birth without having to cry through the whole thing. I didn't end up getting on pictocin. Another crazy thing! I didn't end up "truly" getting induced. Although I basically did.

So after another couple hours of waiting, I was progressing like crazy! Every hour another cm dilated. At about 10 pm I got switched nurses. Worst part of my night. Now I don't want to be rude but this lady had some sort of point to prove. The babies heart rate started dropping so they put an oxygyn mask on me. It freaked me out really bad. I went in with the idea that I'd have something horrible go wrong and would have to get a c-sec. Well it was beginning to happen. They kept having me switch side to side to keep the baby happy and heart rate good, and could not keep a heart beat monitor on the baby. They struggled forever. Finally they kept me on my right side rolled over. After a bit of this, the epidural-which works by gravity- started fading on my left side. Not too bad though. I just kept pressing the button to get more of it inside. Good stuff. Then the nurse decided to use a peanut ball thing to help dilate some more and open the cervix. She came in at about 12 and I hadn't been checked for about an hour so I asked her if she could check me. She said no because she didn't want to risk infection getting in. She wouldn't check my until 1 am. Stupid. My mom kept asking her questions and she kept saying no, here's why. Seriously she was talking to us like we had no clue of anything and we were just idiots.

So 12:30 rolls around and she finally decides to check me earlier than planned. Oh ya 100% everything good to go. Who knows how long I was actually like that. Stupid. So then she disappears forever to get things ready for me to start pushing. When she finally came back in, she decided to have me start pushing. Oooooh boy. That freaked me out. I had the idea I'd push twice and the baby would come out. I asked her if we could call the doctor first. Nope. Stupid. She says, oh for the first baby it takes about 3 hours on average to push. WHAT!! 3 hours are you kidding me?! So being the quiet person I am just said okay. Ya I pushed and she quickly said okay stop, put my legs back down and went and called the doctor. Stupid. Well 15 mins rolled by with a babies head starting to fall out and Dr. Beck shows up. Such a great guy. A wall to talk to, but seriously fantastic. I pushed one time and the baby came out! No tearing or episiotomy! Dream come true. He was just a little guy. 5 lbs 14.5 oz. 19.5 in long. Born at 1:31 am. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Such a surreal moment. Like I was just dreaming it all. I still feel like someday I'll wake up and it will all have been just a dream.

I was truly an incredible experience. Nothing went the way I or the nurses planned and I was so happy about that. From check in to delivery was just 11 hours. Could not have asked for a better, more smooth, and easy delivery. Here's to always having small and healthy babies!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Verdict is in! It's an Arizona baby!!

If you have been following my posts on here or on facebook you know about our long struggle with deciding to move to Arizona or stay in Utah. Well after not hearing back from a potential job after two weeks we decided it's time to just pack up and say goodbye. No use in prolonging our lease. So we put our apt up on ksl and an hour later we had 5 people scheduled to come take a look the next day. After that things just flew. One minute my mom was on the phone wishing Brandon a happy birthday and the next they were in the car on their way up to pick us up with their nifty trailer.

Speaking of trailer. I worked all night to pack up the rest of our apartment. I stress "I" because it was still Brandon's birthday and also his last night in Utah... He grudgingly came down to Arizona with me. I didn't want to make it worse than it was for him. So after 2 am rolled around I decided to call it quits. Oh, did I mention I had a 7 am doctors appointment 5 hours later? Oh ya not just a doctors appointment but a starve yourself, come in and drink this crap, and let us poke you and take all your blood four times!! For three 1/2 hours. Words of advice? Do not ever ever ever never ever fail your first glucose screening test. It is one of the worst experiences of my life. Perhaps because I hadn't finished packing and my parents were only hours away to come get us, or perhaps because sitting in a lab for 3 hours with nothing to do and no one to talk to is hell. Anyways I passed with flying colors so that is a happy note, another girl there failed which, may not be so bad. A good strict diet might be just what the doctor ordered. Nope, not me, I took it as a "I'm not pregnancy diabetic!! Let's celebrate and eat ice cream. Ugh" At least from this pregnancy I hope I can take it and learn for the next one. A fit pregnancy is the way to go. Feeling lethargic is terrible. 

Oh so back to packing. My parents brought a trailer that I just KNEW everything would fit in. After a very careful came of Jenga, our couches and washer/dryer got in with a couple other things. Everything else got put in my car, Brandon's car, and the Titan. Fortunately, we only had to leave a few things like our 2 nightstands, a mattress, a couple chairs, and a tv stand. Not bad considering I thought ALL we were going to be able to fit was our couches. So it's nice to know we'll be coming into a nice new king size mattress soon. 

For the time being we are living with my parents. I hate admitting to that. I watch all these hgtv shows about people finally being able to buy their own homes after years of living with parents and I always thought about how horrible that would be. Well turns out it hasn't been bad at all. Perhaps because no one is ever home ever. And we are on the complete opposite side of the house as well. It's kinda nice, I'm such a home body and love being with family. If we had an apartment I'd prob still spend most of my time over here anyways. Well, after about 4 days of being here Brandon got the job!!!! WOOHOO!!! Happiest phone call of my life. He was so worried after having a "terrible phone interview" Gosh, he could be drunk and he'd still interview amazingly. I am so jealous of him. I sit and listen to him interview a lot. He's so brilliant at them. Me on the other hand, it's more of a if I get the job it's because they just want me to stop interviewing and get out. "okay okay you have it take the job just get out!!" Haha, but not, really. So this job he got is in Tempe but they're based out of Utah so they flew him up, got him a rental car, offered to fly me up with, AND get us a hotel. Wow. you know the company is promising if they're willing to invest almost 2 grand to train you. Well I stayed here and he is staying with his brother so it only came to about 1,000$. Man. Such a great feeling if it wasn't hidden by the fact that he has to be up there for two weeks. Not joking, I have never heard a more true statement than Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I miss my husband so much. I have had an amazing two months to spend with him and now that he's gone it's just awful. And when he gets back it'll only be to go straight to work all day and see him in the evenings. I hate being grown up.. or at least having a husband that has to be. 

But, okay, back to the title of this post. We are here to stay! For how long? I guess as long as I can keep working my magic and keep my husband happy here. I have my first doctors appointment here in 4 hours and everything will be set from there. I have to say, I really liked my last doctor so my hopes are that this one will be great too. So weird, the doctor that delivered me is delivering my baby. So crazy. My sister has him for a doctor too, oh ya she's due in 3 WEEKS!! Holy cow. 9 weeks seems so far away compared to that. 

Anyways, that is an update on how hectic our lives have been for the past forever. But the dust is finally settling. Now just to find an apartment to move to! 

Week 30: Final COUNTDOWN! Officially 10 WEEKS left. Two months! 59 days! I can't stop saying it. It's so CLOSE. You are officially living in ARIZONA now. I had quite the SCARE after straining myself during MOVING. I was not ready for you to come yet! Keep COOKING. I want a HEALTHY baby boy. You have a new DOCTOR, Doctor BECK, who is also Aunt Raylenes and Grandma K's doctor. He's supposed to be great. As for now, just keep KICKING and keep GROWING. I love those 1 am kicks that WAKE me up. They make me SMILE!

Facts: You're the size [length] of a cucumber! About 2.5-3.8 pounds and about16  inches long. Your wrinkly skin is still continuing to grow smooth as you put on more and more weight. Your brain is getting more wrinkly and you are now strong enough to grasp my finger.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stressed..Depressed.. and no rest..

So Brandon has been looking for a new job and he has interviewed for a bunch in AZ and UT. Weeellll... we've gotten a lot of offers back from these jobs but most people want to hire tons of people with zero risk. I'm talking like 50 employees doing the same job that normally 2 or 3 would do. But hey, people are willing to work for peanuts these days so they can get away with it. We've got a really good company that is looking at hiring Brandon and we've literally been waiting 2 weeks for them to make a decision. They want to hire him but their az office is a little small so they're trying to figure it all out. No big deal except our lease is running out. We would just go but they are wanting to train him in Ut and not Az. Pretty much we're just both hanging out waiting for a response and who knows, if it doesn't work out we've been here for nothing! So we figure we better make some lemonade and have him interview at a bunch of other jobs while we're hangin out. Brandon is at the point where he is applying at jobs all over the country and at this point if it pays good and he likes the job we're moving there. Here we come middle of no where Nebraska. Ick. 

So that is our dilemma. 

As far as I go.. I'm pretty much going stir crazy. I've been wanting to get a job but each day it got closer to moving to Az it prob wasn't such a great idea to get a job for a month and move down. So I spend a few hours cleaning the apt everyday. Deep cleaning so we can hopefully get our full deposit back. I don't remember what this place looked like when we moved in, all I know is that they moved out the day before we moved in. I'm sure there were no carpet cleans, no deep cleans, no nothing. They left nails in the walls, curtain rods, trash, I don't even think it got vacuumed to be honest. Which is sort of okay because it's cheap rent and we have a fantastic landlord. Well anyways I spent about 4 hours trying to clean the oven the other day... all different kinds of Pinterest tricks. Came down to me taking a spoon and scraping it out. Where is my husband in all this you ask? Well I suppose it's the ol' "if you want something done right, do it yourself" His attitude toward it all is it wasn't even clean when we moved in, he won't be so strict! Well my attitude is, we signed the lease before the last people moved out, so he didn't have to worry about getting it cleaned, we have a dog in here, AND we are giving a two weeks notice and jumping ship. [hopefully]. 

Anyways I've had boxes packed up for about two weeks now, so we are literally living in boxes. It's a pain. I'm at the point where I just want to unpack it all again except I know if I do, we're going to end up moving the next day. We were supposed to be packing up the trailer today and on our way out tomorrow. But, sadly, we are still here. How do I feel about moving? Well bitter sweet. I would love to be in Az when the baby comes, be down for the holiday season, be down to have crafting nights with my sisters, bonding time, you know all that good stuff. But I LOVE Provo weather more than anything. One day it's 100 out and then next it's the most intense thunder storm of my life. It's just gorgeous here. You have to drive an hour at least to get any of this sort of feeling in Arizona. I just hate boring weather that never changes in Az. The heat is one thing, but every now and again I want a good cold storm. They only come around during monsoon season.

So needless to say I've been stressed out from all this not knowing business. I can't start setting up Jaxon's nursery because I have no idea where that will be. It's sad and depressing, that's one of the most exciting parts. 

Speaking of Jaxon, I had my Glucose screening test number one and FAILED it. Yep spent like 20 minutes crying.. I will blame that one on hormones. One measly point over and I have to retake it, but retake it in a worse way. Instead of drinking 50 g of sugar and sitting in boredom for an hour then getting stabbed, I have to drink 100 g, sit for 3 HOURS and get stabbed 4 times in the process. I am not excited. Just another stressful thing to add to the list. 

On top of all this complaining.. if for some reason you're still crazy enough to still be reading.. I cannot sleep like at all anymore. It's so crappy. I won't get to sleep till like 3. Then I'll fall in and out of sleep till like 11, and then I'll have to take a nap. I've grown so aware of trying to not squish this baby that every time I need to move while I'm in bed I wake myself up and cannot for the life of me get back to sleep. 

So happy 3 day weekend everyone. I know everyone is probably vacationing somewhere lovely, but here we sit, waiting, and waiting, and wanting, and waiting.

As for Jaxon:

Week 28: THIRD trimester!! This week has been pretty EASY going. Haven't felt any CONTRACTIONS of any sort. People keep telling me I look SMALL for how far along I am. That's a KILLIAN trait perhaps. Some days you will kick from morning till night and then all through the night. Others, I don't feel you until midnight. It makes me so NERVOUS. We've been very close to going to the DOCTOR on multiple occasions. I can tell you're still GROWING and can't believe we're just over 2 MONTHS away from MEETING you!

Facts: You're the size [length] of a eggplant! About 1.5-2.5 pounds and about 14 inches long. Your wrinkly skin is starting to get smooth as you put on some weight. Your lungs are developed enough that if you were to be born, you'd probably survive!! You're a keeper. With a few exceptions, you're basically done developing, you just need some weight and some chubby cheeks for mom to squeeze!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning.. err summer cleaning?

So no one in Provo wants to hire a pregnant girl. Go figure. It's kinda a bitter sweet thing. I get so bored sitting at home all day, but it's nice that I have time to do things and it actually puts me in the mood to do things I normally wouldn't want to ever do after a long day of work. 

So this past Saturday Jaxon was kicking me so much. I literally sit there and then start smiling out of the blue. It's really one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced in my life. So I got to thinking more and more about him. This got me excited to start working on his nursery. The apt we live in is two rooms. The "master" has a walk in closet, but all of Brandons clothes are in there. So my clothes are all in the second bedrooms closet. No room for baby stuff. Anywho, I spent about 8 hours that day cleaning out and going through every closet, nook, and cranny in our apt to make space. I think we goodwilled/boxed up 2/3 of the clothes we own. Yay space for me in the master and space for Jax in the bedroom! Moral of this story: when you have the urge to do something like clean out and thin your whole lifes work of crap. Do it.

On a completely different note. For the past few weeks Brandons tooth has been driving him nuts so he decided to finally go to the dentist. They pretty much told him he has a cavity and the gums around his wisdom teeth have been getting irritated. He never had to get them out because they grew in straight. Well awesomely enough it is cheaper to just pull a tooth than to cap them so he just said what the heck I'll just get them all pulled. So a routine dentist check up turned into him getting all 4 teeth pulled and being out for 3 days. Let me tell you, you don't know your husband till you've seen him high on pain meds and laughing gas. He called practically everyone in his phone yelling and sounding drunk. I almost peed my pants driving him home. It was pretty funny until he started to drool blood and since his whole face is numb he pretty much started spewing blood everywhere. Gross. I am not too equipped to handle this. I don't know how I'm going to do it when kids start getting big and "brave".

Anyways I've started to gain weight.. I'd like to blame being pregnant for it but needless to say I've started a new health regimen to keep a healthy pregnancy and make sure I don't gain 500 lbs from this. Echk. 

Other than that things are pretty easy going and life is good. 

For Baby Jax:

Week 22: This week has been pretty SIMILAR to the rest. When you kick I SMILE every time. You have started KICKING and holding it out so it feels like you're pressing really hard against me for an extended amount of TIME. NURSERY is all cleaned and ready to be FILLED! Mom and dad LOVE you more and more each day!     

Facts: You're about the size of a papaya! You weigh about a pound now! Your eyes and lips are developing more and you look like a mini newborn. You are also sleeping in cycles now!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Cap Update

This past week was fourth of July! For it we had a little BBQ with 
Just some kabobs we made.
Our spot for the fireworks
the inlaws and saw a movie Moonrise Kingdom. Weird, weird movie but pretty entertaining. I'd recommend it, probably in more of a dollar theater or redbox setting. After that we drove up to a mountain side to watch all the fireworks in the valley. Well turns out that if you're up on the side of a mountain, it's really hard to hear or "feel" any of the booming fireworks. It was pretty fun though that we could see literally hundreds of different shows. Brandon was disappointed and I'd have to agree with him. Half the fun of seeing a firework show is getting to feel the booming. Well any who it was a pretty relaxing Fourth. No complaints here. Also Brandon had Wed-Sunday off! I love when he gets to stay home with me. Love love. Although it would have been more exciting if we actually went somewhere. We were thinking Colorado or something but the whole state is on fire. Oh! On that note we got a nice little rain storm. I've been so desperate for one and so has this state. It's just too dang hot everywhere.

Some other fun things:

21 Weeks ish!
I took my first belly bump picture. just over 5 months here. 

I bought my first outfit for baby Jaxon. They are blasted expensive at brand stores.. But I figured the first outfit was okay to splurge on, it's his first AND it is the cutest thing I've ever seen, but then again I say that about all of them now. But Costco is where it's at. The same outfit 3 piece set I can get at Babies R Us is 22$ and I can get it for 7.99$ at Costco. I'll never go anywhere else. We also got him a pack N play. I love love love collecting things for his room. I keep trying to imagine what Jaxon is going to look like. Hair, no hair, skinny, chubby. It's probably the most exciting thing I've ever gone through in my life. Also the longest. 

And for the baby book updates:

Week 21 Well I’ve finally decided those KICKS are definitely from you. This week DADDY finally felt you kicking! How EXCITING! You kick most when I’m SITTING down. Sometimes it SURPRISES me and I JUMP a little. We keep buying more and more little OUTFITS for you. Fourth of JULY was this past week and we watched the FIREWORKS! Nothing gets me more excited to know that in just 4 MONTHS I’ll get to hold you.

Facts: You’re the size of a pomegranate now! You’re eyebrows and lids are developed now and you’re little flutter kicks can now start feeling like full fledged nudges and kicks.